Had an excellent time working with Amber and Roberto at Lover's Point in Monterey.  We had met up a few months before and shot engagement portraits around the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor and the surrounding area.

The weather worked out perfectly and it sure looked like Amber & Roberto had a great time!

Jessica & Jason were having an engagement party and decided they wanted to have some pictures put together into a book for it. We headed down to Seacliff State Beach and had some fun.  We did all of the usual couples shots, then added in the rest of the family, and they wrapped it up by actually getting in the water as an amazing sunset lit our backdrop. Thanks for such a great evening!

A few weeks back I met up with Nate and Jen in Watsonville and we had some time to do their engagement portraits around a great piece of property out there that offered a lot of different options.

Below is a link to a slideshow I created to test out a service called Animoto, please let me know what you think of it compared to my other slideshows. Is it too fast/busy, or do you like the extra effects on the images? Drop a note in the comments!

Click here to view the slideshow, WordPress currently won't let me embed it without breaking my page layout.

I met up with Matt and Karen a bit before sunset at Natural Bridges a bit before sunset and we had a great time on the beach. We talked a lot about wedding planning, honeymoon ideas and all the details required to pull off a wedding and had a great time. They knew I was getting married much sooner than their November wedding so I had plenty to add to the conversation for once!  It was great hanging out with the two of them again, and I look forward to their wedding in Los Gatos in November!






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