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Published: April 18, 2007
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Karly JurgensenIf you like the sound of the music on my website, you definitely need to check out some of Karly Jurgensen's other music! Knowing I was launching a new website, I've been keeping an eye out for music that fit the style and mood I was looking for, and just as important, I wanted something I could use legally on my website. Well, I found the perfect match as I came across Karly's MySpace page and listened to a few of her sample tracks.

So after finding her music, I put a sample track up on my site to see how it would work out, and sent her an e-mail to ask for permission. I was so excited when she wrote back, "Thanks for your email. I'd be honored if you'd use my music to accompany your beautiful pictures!" Awww, thanks Karly! And then, just a few days later a client wrote back after seeing my site and said, "Great slideshow on the website. The music was perfect, too."

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