Time for a new website?!

Published: April 15, 2007
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Well, it's been a good number of years and I decided it was finally time for me to pull together a new website, and it's finally done!

The new site does a much better job of presenting sample images, easy navigation, and I finally updated some of the text on the site as well.

It wasn't until today that I noticed it still mentioned I was shooting medium format film as needed! Hehe, haven't pulled out the Hasselblad at a wedding since... 2002?

The new site is a BluDomain template, they really have been putting together some excellent website templates. Since I am supposedly a "professional web designer" it probably delayed me a year or more before I could finally cave in and just buy a site since I never had the time to build up a completely new site for myself 🙂 I'm quite pleased with how it came out and look forward to seeing how I modify this one through the coming years.

If you haven't seen it already, head on over to http://www.ddphoto.cc.

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