McDowell Family Portraits

Published: August 23, 2007

Several months ago I donated a family portrait session to the orthodontic office of Dr. Mark Joiner for a raffle they were having for their patients. Last night I was able to meet the winners of the raffle and had a great evening on the beach at Natural Bridges. Here is a slideshow of a few images from the shoot:




2 comments on “McDowell Family Portraits”

  1. Dan - I'm curious how you're lighting your shots (which are great, by the way), especially these on the beach at what looks to be just before sunset. Do you primarily use reflectors or is this some other type of light source? Thanks! -Becky

  2. Hello Becky, and thanks so much for inquiring about my lighting techniques! My beach lighting setup varies quite a bit based on many different variables. Some days it is natural light, others it is on or off camera flash, a white or gold reflector, or even strobes with umbrellas. Mostly it depends on the weather conditions (both light and wind speed) size of the group, time of day, and if I have a voice activated light stand (assistant) available. As it gets late in the evening I have been known to even fire a flash and bounce it off of a gold reflector to give a nice soft, yet directional light to simulate sunset if the shoot ran too long or got a late start.

    On this specific shoot it appears I was using mostly a mix of natural light and on camera fill flash, and I am guessing that based on just the sample images I posted on the blog by looking at the specular reflections in the eyes and the occasional shadow from the single light source.

    If you have any other questions feel free to let me know!

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