Time for a new website?!

Well, it's been a good number of years and I decided it was finally time for me to pull together a new website, and it's finally done!

The new site does a much better job of presenting sample images, easy navigation, and I finally updated some of the text on the site as well.

It wasn't until today that I noticed it still mentioned I was shooting medium format film as needed! Hehe, haven't pulled out the Hasselblad at a wedding since... 2002?

The new site is a BluDomain template, they really have been putting together some excellent website templates. Since I am supposedly a "professional web designer" it probably delayed me a year or more before I could finally cave in and just buy a site since I never had the time to build up a completely new site for myself 🙂 I'm quite pleased with how it came out and look forward to seeing how I modify this one through the coming years.

If you haven't seen it already, head on over to http://www.ddphoto.cc.

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Windy Engagements at Natural Bridges

Lotte & Clay Engagement Portrait

Since rain was forecast for the weekend I scheduled with Lotte and Clay for Friday night hoping we would beat most of the rain, and it worked out! Luckily even though it was cold they did an excellent job of now showing it as we caught some great shots from various locations around Natural Bridges. Their wedding is June 23rd and judging from our time on the beach it's going to be an excellent day!

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An Apple iPhone in the wild: My first sighting

Tonight was the night... on an astronomy hike in Santa Cruz and after a short conversation I discovered the person walking next to me worked for Apple... then it happened, out of his pocket was an Apple iPhone! I tried to contain my interest as I leaned forward for a closer view... knowing that I wouldn't be able to hold it (or run away with it as fast as I could).


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Senior Portraits in Santa Cruz

Early in the year I got a request from a senior about taking some portraits for her. In Santa Cruz County there is only one photographer who takes all of the senior portraits for the yearbooks. That is, every public, and many private schools, all use this one person, so students rarely branch out and pay a second photographer for pictures since they can't go in the yearbook anyways. But this girl was not a part of one of those schools, and pretty quickly it was decided her friends also wanted to join us.

We headed out for the beach and the wind and rain were coming down, but we made the best of it and had a lot of fun! Once we wrapped up at the beach we headed for downtown Santa Cruz and finished up with some shots there and some warm drinks. We even took some pictures with the Pink Umbrella Man!

Leah's Senior Portrait

Senior Portraits

Seniors being silly

Seniors with the Pink Umbrella Man in Santa Cruz

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Dan Dawson & Ellen Taft are engaged!

Dan Dawson & Ellen Taft Engagement Announcement


Today was the day! Ellen and I headed out to the beach for a walk by the boardwalk, then up to one of our favorite spots by Davenport. Halfway through our picnic lunch I asked her a question, and she said yes!

After we finished up making the obligatory phone calls and heading back to town, I set up a quick mini-studio in my kitchen so we could take a few pictures and make the announcement to friends via e-mail and on Flickr.

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